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How will the conference work?

The virtual conference will operate in the virtual event platform - IAPS webapp

Presentations are assembled in sessions according to a theme, and each session is assigned to a virtual room. The sessions will be chaired by a moderator or by the symposium organisers. To enter into a specific session, participants just need to click on the session and they will automatically enter the virtual room.

The sessions will be organized in two parts.

- In the first part, the moderator will open the session and authors will present their work (max. 15m per presentation).

- In the second part, the moderator will manage the discussion based on the Q&A box and/or live questions.


Participants will be able to use a Q&A box [icon] to ask questions during, and right after, the presentations. After the presentations, participants can also join the authors in the zoom session [icon] and place their questions live. The authors will be able to answer live at the end of the session, but can still  answer, after her/his session, to any remaining questions through the Q&A box.



​General guidelines for individual presentations:


All presentations must be in English. Presenters can create a digital presentation using PowerPoint (recommended 16:9 slide size) or any other appropriate program. 


It is advisable to have a PDF version of the presentation, to be used in case of technical difficulties with other formats. There is no need to upload the presentation.

Please consult below the ‘Poster presentations’ section below for specific guidelines on posters’ format.

  1. Symposia


Each symposium totals a 90-minute session, including up to five presentations taking 12-minutes each, followed by a discussion taking 30 minutes.

A discussant is desired, but not compulsory. Each organizer/discussant will manage the time allocated to the presentations and discussion.

          2. Individual communications sessions


A total of 90 minutes is allocated to each session, to be managed by the moderator. Each presentation will take up to 15 minutes maximum. The presentations will follow the order in the program, and will be followed by an open discussion period at the end of the session.

3. Workshops / fishbowl conversations


These sessions involve conversations with and between experts on transversal topics (e.g., the challenges in transdisciplinary research) or intervention projects (e.g., examples of success and failure in intervention projects). They provide opportunities for sharing approaches to particular problems that can engage a variety of audiences.

They can take the form of roundtable, workshop, or other format that makes sense for the purpose and expected audience.

A total of 90 minutes is allocated to each session, to be managed by the proponent/s in terms of time, amount and type of speech interventions, and invited speakers.


4. Poster flash Presentations

Poster sessions will take a format stimulating interactions, by including a flash of research results and implications in five minutes.

A total of 45 minutes is allocated to each session, that will include up to seven poster presentations. A moderator will manage the time allocated to each presentation and the discussion at the end of the session.



All posters must be one page, in English.
The poster should be designed to follow the proportion of a computer screen (16:9) and allow for good quality graphics when zooming on specific sections of the poster. The recommended size is 24 inches tall (60 cm) by 42 inches wide (105 cm).

The file should be saved as a PDF and its size should not exceed 10MB. Please use your abstract reference number to name your poster.  
Include the title of your presentation, authors, affiliations and contact information in a headline strip, at the top of your poster.
Your digital Poster will be available at the website and the webapp of the event.


You have until 30 June, 2022 to upload your poster.

Click View Abstracts > Click button view/Edit/Add Paper files - Online paper file and/or original paper backup – (PDF Format) - Click the green button to submit.



Posters presentation will be made by zoom. You can choose to present live (PPT format is recommended) or pre-recorded (MP4 format)

If pre-recorded, you must be live to share your video and for the Q/A session.

Prior to the event all participants will receive an email with access details to the event.


1. Use the icon Login available on the homepage or click here

2. Enter your registration access - login and password (we will send a reminder to all registrants)​​

3. You will then enter the Virtual Conference.

4. Click on the session you want to attend.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to login and access the virtual conference.

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